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The “Plain and Straight” is the newsletter of Pinellas County Intergroup. It contains articles of interest, upcoming events, group contributions, anniversaries and much more.

To find out if your group is supporting Central Office, check out the Group Contributions page. Take the time to read the entire newsletter as it will keep you up to date on happenings in Pinellas County AA! The current issue, as well as past issues from our archives, are listed below for viewing or download.

Here are some suggestions to help spread the word about the “Plain and Straight” newsletter:

  • Be sure to make an announcement to your group each month when the new issue is delivered by briefly explaining that it is the official newsletter of AA in Pinellas County. It’s helpful to highlight an article you found interesting or site some of the events coming up.
  • Distribute the newsletter around your group – place it on chairs and tables so people can read it before the meeting starts.
  • Assign someone to personally hand out the newsletter to each newcomer and explain what it is.
  • If you have a “newcomer” section at your meeting, be sure the P&S is readily available to them.
  • Donate your old copies to rehabs, detox centers, and even other meetings that might not be getting them each month.
  • If you hand out newcomer packets, include it along with the other literature in the packet.

The Plain and Straight Committee is always looking for articles, so please email anything you have by using our Email Contact Form. “There are no requirements” for writing articles. They can be anything from a couple of lines to several paragraphs and can be on any topic relating to AA. Here are some ideas for articles:

  • If you’re a founding member of your group, or it’s just been around for a long time, write about its history and any hardships it’s had to overcome along the way.
  • Write an article about your recovery for the issue of your anniversary month.
  • What was the easiest step for you? The hardest? Why?
  • Tell us about meetings you’ve attended in other states and/or other countries. How were they the same? How were they different?
  • Explain why a certain slogan or saying in AA is your favorite.
  • How did you come to choose your home group? How did you choose your sponsor – or did s/he choose you?
  • If you’ve had a spiritual experience, when and what was it?
  • What has the program given you that you never had before?
  • Tell us about the service work you’ve done and how it enriched your recovery.

If your submission is accepted by the Committee, it will be printed in the next issue of the Plain and Straight, so don’t be shy. Submit something today!

Current Issue

December 2018

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