Intergroup Picnic



You don’t want to miss the “event of the year”! It will be held on Sunday, April 28, 2019 at Ft. DeSoto Park-North Beach in St. Petersburg. Pavilion 4 is where the meetings will be held, but there are groups and people everywhere! In fact, count on about 2,000 friends in the fellowship being there enjoying everything a picnic at the beach can offer.

Pinellas County Intergroup will be providing free coffee. Soda and water will be available at a nominal cost. There will be meetings, breakfast, raffles, games and lots and lots of AA fellowship!

In addition to the picnic on Sunday, many people camp at Ft. DeSoto campground prior to the picnic. In fact, the campground is almost entirely filled with friends of Bill! There are meetings, lots of fellowship and you’ll probably find some free food as well, so plan on stopping by to say “hi”!


For park, beach and camping information, maps and directions for Ft. DeSoto, click here.


Ft. DeSoto park now charges $5 per car going into the park. This is to help offset the funding cutbacks they’ve received recently.

Years ago, notification was received from the Pinellas Park & Recreation Board stating we are required to pay a fee in the amount of $375 for a Special Events Permit. This fee is mandatory for any large group. For more information regarding this fee, please see the county site:


Also, within the Special Events Permit, Item 12 states “all large groups are responsible for the collection and removal of all garbage generated by the event.” As a result, we have rented a 6-yard dumpster.

It is imperative that the message is spread that we need everyone’s help to ensure that all individuals and groups are RESPONSIBLE to ensure any garbage generated is taken to the dumpster. Please help get the word out to any group you attend.

In light of these new charges, we need everyone’s help with donations as well. Contributions can be made prior to the picnic or while enjoying the breakfast and coffee. Please know that we are not asking for money so that we turn a profit, but so we can break even. It is CRUCIAL that events such as the picnic be self-supporting if we want to be able to continue to offer these festivities.