Intergroup Meeting


Third Monday, 7:00 pm
Holy Cross Church, 7851 54th Avenue North, St. Petersburg
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What is Pinellas County Intergroup?

Pinellas County Intergroup (PCI) is comprised of all the meetings and groups currently meeting in Pinellas County. There is one office that serves Intergroup, which is known as Central Office and located at 8340 Ulmerton Road, Suite 220, Largo. The hours of operation are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

What happens at the monthly Intergroup meeting?

The Intergroup body decides what will and will not be done concerning AA in Pinellas County. This is done at the monthly business meeting of the Intergroup Representatives, where motions are voted on and other matters are discussed. The Chairperson and Treasurer, who are officers of PCI, give their reports and then each of the 8 Standing Committee Chairs give their reports. The Secretary takes the Minutes of the meeting, recording special comments, motions and voting results.

The Standing Committees are Unity Meeting, Helpline, Plain and Straight, Where and When, Web Site, Anniversary Dinner, Gratitude Dinner and Picnic. Each Chairperson reports on the status and finances of their committee and then receives questions concerning their report.

What is an Intergroup Representative?

An Intergroup Representative is a person who is elected by their group and has at least 1 year of sobriety. Their responsibility is to attend the monthly Intergroup meeting, voice their group’s opinion and vote on issues at the meeting, give a detailed report to their group and take motions back to their group that require group consensus.

It is good practice to elect an Alternate Representative as well. This person can fill in when the Intergroup Representative is not available to attend the monthly meeting.

When does Pinellas County Intergroup meet?

Pinellas County Intergroup meets once a month on the third Monday of the month at 7:00 pm,  Holy Cross Church, 7851 54th Avenue North, St. Petersburg.

Anyone can attend and voice their opinion, but only Representatives, (or Alternates in their absence), can vote.

For more information, call or email Central Office at:

(727) 530-0415
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