Pinellas County Intergroup Unity Speaker Meeting

Serenity Club
631 Turner Street, Clearwater
Open Speaker meeting every Saturday at 8:00pm

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What is it?

Intergroup provides a meeting place where Pinellas County AA groups can host a Saturday night speaker’s meeting — one of 5 speaker meetings held regularly on Saturday nights – and the only one in central Pinellas.

How does it work?

  •     Intergroup provides a beautiful, air-conditioned meeting room (completely set up), the coffee, a free “Big Book” to be raffled, and a growing audience of AA’s looking for a good Saturday night speaker meeting.
  •     The host group provides the chairperson, members to do various readings opening the meeting, speakers (as many as the group wants to have), a “chipper”, and as many members as possible to support their home group.

Benefits to the host group:

  •     An opportunity to showcase and promote their home group and an opportunity to involve your members and newcomers to the group in a “special meeting”.
  •     A chance for members in non-speaker meeting groups to share their “experience, strength and hope” with a new audience.
  •     An excellent opportunity to build camaraderie by getting together to ride to the meeting, go for coffee afterward, etc.
  •     The satisfaction of supporting Pinellas County Intergroup and Central Office.

Benefits to Intergroup:

  •     Provides a good speaker’s meeting for newcomers and out-of-town visitors.
  •     Provides a good communications link between Intergroup and the AA groups served.
  •     Provides supplemental financial support to Central Office (all proceeds from collection go to Intergroup).

The Unity Team is waiting to serve you — sign up for a meeting TODAY!

Contact:   Central Office: (727) 530-0415 or

the Unity Meeting Chair
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