Steering Committee

Pinellas County Intergroup Steering Committee is comprised of the four elected officers and the Chairpersons of all Standing Committees.   It acts as an advisory committee, collecting information as needed and communicating among Central Office, Standing Committees and Intergroup as a whole.   It also oversees all financial matters and is responsible for maintaining employment of Central Office, including hiring and firing.  Officers are elected in the month of October during even years.  Terms start the following January 1st and run for two years.

Steering Committee meetings are held at the Central Office on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm.
(8340 Ulmerton Road, Suite 220)

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Function Position Name Home Group
Steering Committee Officer Chairperson Gerry L. High Point Group
Steering Committee Officer Vice Chairperson Bill W. Into Action Group
Steering Committee Officer Secretary Gloria W. Sat. Morning Women’s BB
Steering Committee Officer Treasurer Brian S. Koala Group
Chairperson Anniversary Dinner Jimmy E. Monday Night Speakers
Chairperson Gratitude Dinner Erin H. St. Pete Group
Chairperson Helpline David R. Koala Group
Chairperson Twelfth Step David R. Koala Group
Chairperson Intergroup Picnic  Katie R. Koala Group
Chairperson Plain and Straight Sonya B. Our Common Problem
Chairperson Unity Meeting Jodi O. Keep It Simple
Chairperson Web Site Shannon T. Hopeful Group
Chairperson Where and When Tim W. Serenity Seekers
Chairperson Maintenance Ray W. Living Sober
Chairperson Booker’s Exchange Vinny S.  Power Greater Than Ourselves
Liaison to District Liaison to District Vinny S.  Power Greater Than Ourselves

Please use the contact form to submit comments, ask questions, or report problems with the web site.

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