Central Office Services

Central Office
8340 Ulmerton Road
Suite 220
Largo, FL 33771

(727) 530-0415

For those of you who can’t make it to Central Office, see pictures so you can get an idea of what we have to offer.

What does your Central Office do for you and your group?

Read on to find out!

Central Office…

Publishes an up-to-date meeting list and an online web site of meetings, current events, contact information and newcomer information.
Answers the Helpline all day to help the new person find your meeting.
Furnishes a 24-hour Helpline for the alcoholic to easily contact us at any time.
Stocks AA literature, pamphlets, medallions and Grapevines to be readily available for your group.
Serves as a clearing house for news of group affairs and general AA information.
Publishes and distributes the Plain and Straight newsletter.
Supports a weekly Unity Speakers Meeting for all groups.
Helps organize the Annual Group Picnic, Anniversary Banquet and Gratitude Dinner to promote unity and fellowship.

How can you help?

Volunteers are always welcome to help…

Answer phones
Contribute articles to the Plain and Straight newsletter
Restock book orders
Work on special event committees
Photocopy Minutes and reports for monthly Intergroup Meeting
And many, many more tasks!

A perfect opportunity for service is always available through your:

8340 Ulmerton Road
Suite 220
Largo, FL 33771

(727) 530-0415